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We have worked with many new businesses  offering a variety of servicesand outlets to test there ideas, like the Granville market Place, where 10 Self employed enterpereunres tried and tested out there ideas gaining vaueable insight and experince


We hace very proud of our record  with our clinets and success rate of helping become sustainable   


this year alone we were able to engage with 200 people.


100% = 200 was given an information pack/preliminary one-one or group sessions

30% = 61 activity engaged

10% - 20 completed the Employability Course- City and Guilds = 2 x 1 week

[5 full days a week] CDG - All had criminal convictions, 30% = 6 gained employment, 40%

= 8 further education

14% = 28 signed up to the Business Mentor- IAG- 21% = 6 had serious criminal records,

65% =13 into self employment

2% = 4 Community Outreach- Community Liaison – 75% = 3 have criminal record

4% = 5 Ex Offenders After Care Support Worker – 100% HAD criminal convictions 40% =

2 with mental health






  • Catering 

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Construction

  • Funding Projects

  • Social Enterprise

  • The Creative Industries

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Security

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Retail

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation

We have help people enter the follwing fiels

'I have been unemployed for 6 years now, I have tried with A4E to start up my own business, but on each occasion, something went wrong, either confusion over meetings,

staff being away, or no contact over periods of months, it was frustrating, and at times I felt worthless.  I found the process and Jint Enterprise’s support incredibly helpful. They asked pertinent and challenging questions which really helped me to understand what I want to achieve, to focus on what I need to do, to breakdown the issues and to identify achievable goals.


'The continued support through the process has played a significant part in the successfu development of my business.” Eddie Moore, Founder of Moore Handy DIY


 “My confidence levels have increased as I realize that I’m in a more “ready” place than many others and should just “take the plunge”! The biggest benefits I have gained are

concrete next steps, motivation and energy to get moving on my ideas and take action.” Echo Bine Musician



 “Before the programme I was very scared about the idea of self- employment. Now I know it’s a lot closer and achievable. Thank you.” Gary, becoming self-employed from a City



What Clients have said

Joint Enterprise

'We're in it together"

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