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Self-employment means, ”You are your own boss, take the credit”.

For many people, self employment will be the best option of receiving income since it can give great freedom to choose work, a better work-life balance and significant tax savings compared to being employed. However, as many are nervous about the idea of running their own business and dealing with tax matters, this guide explains what you need to know.


What does self-employment actually mean?


Self-employment means that you are your own boss! In normal employment, you work for one organisation, are paid net of tax and have set hours of work. If you are self employed you will be able to choose the work you do, choose the hours you work and take holidays when you like. Most people will have a mix of income from sales of their work, commissions, residencies, workshops, teaching, arts administration etc. and can benefit from a portfolio of clients and project opportunities. This is why self-employment is a good thing, it frees people to work for many different people and perform more than one type of work.


This is why the selfemployed are called ‘freelancers’. Tax credits were designed to lift millions of families out of poverty, was launched in 2003 by the then chancellor Gordon Brown everybody should take the time to make a claim, because tax credits could benefit you and your family by thousands of pounds a year.


There are many, many advantages to becoming self-employed - so many that even governments across the globe are starting to value self-employment as a viable work opinion.



What are the advantages?


Be Your Own Boss Possibly one of the most exciting and biggest advantages to becoming self-employed is being your own boss. Now it is your turn to stand in the spotlight! You are now the one in control, in charge - the ultimate decision maker. But just remember becoming your own boss also brings its’ own huge responsibilities and challenges 

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News Item 

Self Emplyment, 01.01.2016

If you start working for yourself, you’re classed as a sole trader - even if you haven’t yet told HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

Self Assessment, 01.01.2016

End-of-year paper tax returns will be scrapped in favour of "real-time" online accounts by 2020, Chancellor George Osborne announced..​


Jan,  2016


Self-employment means, ”You are your own boss, take the credit”.


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