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Self-Employment Advise and Assessment: Services and Fees


Self-Employment Assessment Interview


Are you contemplating self-employment?


Then let Joint Enterprise evaluate your potential for self-employment and your plan to become self-employed. Or, if you are currently self employed,


Joint Enterprise will evaluate your current business model.


Joint Enterprise will conduct an interview, asking you 24 questions about your business background, and about your proposed or existing product or service. We will also ask you to make a critical self-assessment of eight personal attributes needed for successful self-employment.


Joint Enterprise will send you a written report on the potential of your self-employment venture and his recommendations to help you start or improve your current business. You will receive an objective assessment with recommendations that will serve as a blueprint for success.


Included in the fee will be complimentary copies of six informative Joint Enterprise Self Employment




1. Self-Employment 101: Starting Out, Questions & Answers

2. Self-Employment 102, Growing Your Business, Questions & Answers

3.  Eight Attributes for Successful Self-Employment

4. How to Establish a Profitable Hourly Rate


All service comes at an hourly rate minum of  1 hour £50 

The Business development Service is £400


All fees are  pre-paid



About Joint Enterprise

If you can't  offer this service we can help find funding and or you may qualify for finanice through one of our partners, especially ex offenders or Jobseekers



Read About our Outcomes and what people havesaid 


We have worked with many new businesses  offering a variety of services and outlets to test there ideas, like the Granville market Place, where 10 Self employed enterpereunres tried and tested out there ideas gaining them vaueable insight and experince

Joint Enterprise

'We're in it together"



ou can use PayPal as a secure method to pay with your personal credit card.


Joint Enterprise will send you a PayPal invoice after you provide your email address. Or,

Joint Enterprise can send you an invoice and you can mail your check to him. Send request for an invoice and indicate whether you want to be billed with a PayPal invoice or if you want to pay by BACS.


Report sent via email within 48 hours of interview. Fee includes one on one session after receipt of report.


Contents of Report:

1.Evaluation of your attributes

2. Observations about your attributes and self-employment

3. Evaluation of your current or proposed business model

4. Recommendations

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