What is Adaptive Gardening?


  • Adaptive Gardening is adapting tools and  techniques commonly used in gardening to fit the needs of people of various levels of  physical ability.

  • Gardening adaptions can be used for the elderly, the wheelchair bound, or for people with limited range of motion

  • Anyone wanting to reduce stress on joints while gardening is a potential adaptive gardener.

What is Horticultural Therapy?

  • It is an innovative treatment method of rehabilitation and recovery, often medically prescribed.

  • It uses plants and nature-based activities to improve the social, psychological and physical well-being of individuals whose lives have been disrupted by physical, social or economic circumstances or simply aging.

  • It may improve psychological/developmental disorders. 

How does Adaptive Gardening work?

  • Provide gardening opportunities and nature- based activities to diverse and challenged populations

  •  Problem solving and being creative

  •  Creating specialty gardens

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Cherry Orchard is to be a resource to the community demonstrating how to adapt gardening practices to make gardening enjoyable and successful for people of different ages, levels of ability, interest and needs