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Cherry Orchard is a unique Community resource to be offically Launched in October 2018.


We want to work hard  creating a safe, vibrant, innovative, and fruitful garden for members of all ages. Interested in learning more? Explore our site to see the beautiful growth happening at Cherry Orchard and learn how you can become part of our community.

To cover many sensory experiences in a garden, consider the impact our garden has on wildlife and encourage a variety of wildlife to be a part of the experience. Buzzing, darting, pollinating, twittering, crawling. If insects like bees are attracted, then you probably have some sweetly scented plants with bright blooms, and because of global declines in bee populations, it's probably a good idea for the planet to encourage as many of them to feast on your plants.


You will see them, hear them, smell what they smell, touch what they touch, and eat what they pollinate. If you get the bees, you will probably get a large variety of other insects such as dragonflies, butterflies, moths, wasps, and ladybugs.


Not all of them will exactly be great news, but it means your garden is doing well. In defence of wasps, I should mention that they are great pollinators and help control pesky bug populations that might be destroying your plants. You might want to discourage them from nesting near your front door, but don't flatter you 

Sensory consideration: Sight

Cherry Orchard - Holistic Garden, is an 400 Sq Meter allotment located at Norbury Park, was founded by Hannah James and Michael Groce, Motivated and inspired by Michael's mother 'Cherry Groce', a much loved and respected Brixton ICON and Hannah's lifelong passion for responsible gardening. 

Of course, any garden needs to be beautiful, regardless of its intended purpose, but even more so when it is a holistic garden! By offering visitors something beautiful to look at, the outdoors acts as a calming influence and helps to melt cares and troubles away and though it might sound unbelievable, it really can be as simple as planting some pretty flowers!

Sensory consideration: Smell

There are so many ways to ensure that your holistic garden smells wonderful, from including fragrant blooms to planting spicy herbs in your outdoor space, so experiment and see which you like the most!

We are huge fans of floral notes, such as poppies, as seen here, but lavender is also a firm favourite in any holistic space, as it is known to have relaxing and calming properties.


The added bonus of growing such fragrant items in your garden is that you can pick and use them in your home to bring a sense of well-being into the indoors as well.

Sensory consideration: Sound

Think about noises that you find relaxing. What sounds soothe you? For many people, the sound of gently running water acts as an almost meditative noise, so we don't think a holistic garden would be complete without at least a small water feature.

Grounding the space deeply into nature, water is the perfect addition to a spiritual area and we can picture how wonderful it would be to lay on the grass, close to this pretty wall-mounted fountain, to just listen to the babbling sounds. We are feeling so much calmer already!

Sensory consideration: Taste

We all know that good food can make a huge difference to our well-being, so can you imagine how wonderful it must be to be able to walk outside, pull up some fresh, organic vegetables and herbs and cook them for dinner?


We have  created a holistic garden, you wouldn't have to imagine it as you could just do it!

Growing the food that people love and that nourishes is so fantastically good for your spirit as well as your body, that we couldn't talk about holistic gardens without advocating the planting of a vegetable patch!



Sensory consideration: Touch

Tactile sensations run the gamut in a garden. There's the wind and sun against your face. There's the transition from flagstone to soft grass. There's the velvety softness of lamb's ear and the cat's-tongue roughness of a lantana leaf. Contrast heightens the sense of touch and brings it into consciousness.


Consider what you will feel sensually within the garden and what your plants and materials feel like.


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